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Solid and easy to adjust snowshoes

Perfect to discover mountain and hiking for hours, surrounded by nature, the snowshoes selected by Sport 2000 will allow you to walk easily on all kinds of snow-covered grounds.

  • When there is deep and powder snow, the shape of the snowshoes will allow you to stay on the surface and not to sink.
  • When the snow is hard and slightly frozen, the studs below our snowshoes help you to keep your balance and to move forward without slipping.

They are light and convenient. The back and front bindings can be adjusted easily on your walking shoes. Moreover, very user-friendly, the different systems of tightening cover the whole feet, while giving some freedom of movement when you are walking.

Some blocks located at the rear of the snowshoe, that you can position without any difficulty, will make the climbing easy and will lower the muscle fatigue of your calfs if you are planning to walk for a long time.

Poles are always provided with each pair of snowshoes you rent.

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Some safety advice

Never go for a walk with your snowshoes on Alpine skis slopes, it can be very dangerous. Before you leave, inquire about the risk of avalanches and the weather forecast. Find out more security advice to obey during your winter holidays.

Another activity you may like, whatever your age, during your stay: sledging

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