Enjoy yourself with this snow scooter! 

Snow scooting is a very playful and quite spectacular winter sport. If you like sliding, you will have a ball.

Perfect blend of snowboard, motocross, downhill mountain bike and scooter, this non-motorised device offers a new fun and original way to hurtle down snow-covered slopes.

It is made of 2 articulated skates, allowing to slide, and of directional handlebars.

How to use it?

Get to your feet, with your legs parallel and slightly bent. Straps hold your foot and another strap prevent the snow scooter from going down without you, in case of fall. A piece of advice: keep the front in contact with the snow. To stop, unlike bike, no integrated brakes! You have to slide, the same way as you do when you are skiing.

Once you know the technique, you can have very interesting sensations and reach extreme speeds, up to 75 mph. 

Our safety advice!

Once you have a complete equipment, here is a reminder of the rules to obey on slopes, to make the most of the snow safely.

Snowscoot sample

The helmet, essential to ride a snow scooter! 

Remember to wear your gloves, a mask and to rent a helmet. With a snow scooter, you gain speed fast, so don’t take unnecessary risks! 

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