Safety pack

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A complete kit with some equipment protecting you when you are skiing off-piste.

In the mountains, when you go away from beaten tracks, the covering of snow may be more unsteady than expected.

Sport 2000, concerned about your safety, rents kits including an AVD, a probe and a shovel, known to be very efficient in case of avalanche.

THE AVD (avalanche victims detector), also known as ARVA, is a very light transmitter receiver, barely bigger than a smartphone, working on a single frequency, everywhere in the world. In “emission” mode, it signals your location to the rescue services. In “receiving” mode, it helps to determine quickly where are the people under the snow. To layer under your clothes, while remaining easily reachable, the AVD can be adjusted thanks to straps.

The probe: once the area covered with snow has been marked out, thanks to AVD, you must use the probe to know the precise location of the victim as well as the depth where he is. Telescopic, it can be easily put away in a small pocket.

The shovel: it is useful to remove the snow to release the victim, once he has been located. Here too, you must act quickly, but be careful not to hurt the victim’s head! Solid but very light, the shovels from our kits can be easily put away in your backpack.

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