Free touring skis

Skis free rando homme

Perfect to explore virgin hills and to have fun in powder snow.

Thanks to our free touring skis, you will combine effort and pleasure of climbing in sealskins, with the great pleasure of hurtling down virgin slopes, away from beaten tracks. 

Wider than classic touring skis, and especially designed for you to treat yourself in the fields of powder, free touring skis remain light, to make the climbing easier. 

We have selected for you, with free riding specialists, a range combining skiability and technical performances.

The well-enhanced twin rockers will help you to turn, even in deep snow. With their widened surface area, you will lift off from the snow easily.

Stay safe!

In order to practice free touring safely while taking a great pleasure, equip yourself with a least an AVD, a shovel and a probe. They are vital as soon as you leave groomed slopes. Thus, you will make the most of the snow, safely.

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