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An excellent way to discover sliding sensations, sledging is adapted to all ages.

Sledging is an activity that is always very playful to do as a family.

With different equipment, according to the age of the players, sledges that we rent allow you to have fun, while staying safe.

Before your child can even walk, he can make the most of the winter holidays thanks to our “baby” sledges.  Well wrapped up, with sunglasses to protect his eyes, he will like the ride in the snow. Even if you walk slowly, tie him up with the strap so he doesn’t fall.

As he grows up, he/she will be able to have fun with our “kids” sledges. Before or after skiing, it will be a great opportunity for him to make the most of the winter sports stay. And he will be able to learn easily how to manage his speed, thanks to integrated brakes.

There is no age to enjoy yourself with a sledge!

Equipped with a solid aluminium brake, our sledges for adults will allow you to rediscover the feelings of your childhood, while controlling your path and your speed. A very nice activity to do after a day spent on the slopes!

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Sledging safely

Make sure you give the right equipment to your kids. Gloves and waterproof boots are essential.

The ground you choose is also very important. In resort, do not sledge on ski slopes, it can be very dangerous. Discover our other safety advice

Another activity to do with your family, discover the walk with snowshoes.

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