Mini skis

Mini skis

Mini skis

Small-sized skis, to discover another way of sliding!

Very funny

You will have a lot of fun! Going on groomed slopes with your mini skis on will provide you a lot of pleasure and new feelings. You will be quickly able to do a series of tight bends and even jump on little humps. Nowadays, the mini skis are fitted out with true safety bindings, making them safer. 

A feeling of ease! 

The small size of mini skis will allow you to take more easily the bends than with traditional skis. Very manageable and suitable for all levels, they can give the feeling to free yourself from the constraints of technique. This sensation of lightness, freedom and ease is increased by the absence of poles.

A real balancing act!

However, you must be careful with this fake feeling of facility. As the edges are very short, it also reduces the stability and the grip on the snow. You will have to be straight in your skis, with your legs bent and to be careful not to gain too much speed. Otherwise, beware of falls! 

You are a beginner ?

Try out the blue skis. Steadier than mini skis, they will allow you to learn how to ski in an easier and more gradual way.

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