Ski helmet

Do not forget your helmet! It will protect you on slope, in case of fall or crash.

When booking your skis or your snowboard, think about renting a helmet. Sport 2000, concerned about your safety, offers you adjustable models for kids and adults, suitable to the size and the shape of your head.

You are a beginner or rather a good skier? You stay on slopes or on the contrary you like skiing off-piste? You prefer having a ball on modules in snow parks? Whatever your level and your practice, we have the helmet you need.

Wearing a helmet has a lot of advantages:

  • It keeps you safe from impacts when you fall
  • It protects you efficiently if someone bumps into you
  • The helmet gives you some style. It is the finishing touch to your equipment.
  • With little specific hooks, it helps you to hold your mask in place
  • It’s a great shield against cold!
  • Your helmet will save you from sun burning, very painful on the scalp
  • It is often compulsory when you take skiing lessons

Exemples de casque de ski

Our safety advice!

Once you have a complete equipment, here is a reminder of the rules to obey on slopes, to make the most of the snow safely.

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