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For the 2022/2023 season, Sport 2000 experts has taken on

In the Rebels line, the Worldcup Rebels e.XSR (diamond ski range) promises performance inspired by competition with an easy to handle package.


On trend skis EASY JOY R (red ski range) for women who want to improve.  Easy to ski, they will guarantee you make rapid progress.


location ski sport 2000 head

A European company, coming from the USA 

Founded in Baltimore, MARYLAND, in the fifties, by an aeronautical engineer, HEAD is now established in Austria. It designs and makes skis, snowboards, but also snowshoes, tennis rackets, sports shoes and diving equipment. 

Head, the culture of technological innovation

From 1950, drawing its inspiration from the materials used in aeronautics, the HEAD Corporation has made very innovative skis. Throughout the years, the brand has kept designing and developing new concepts, new products, relying on more and more sophisticated technologies. 

Chosen by great champion!

Head is the equipment supplier of a lot of international competitors, men and women. Every year, the brand wins a podium after another in international and Olympic tournaments or in FIS World Cup. Head has been for instance the supplier of Bode Miller, Ted Ligety, Aksel Lund Svindal, Alexis Pinturault or even Lindsey Vonn, Laura Gut and Julia Mancuso. 

A widened range

The brand, which doesn’t target only the champions, has known how to offer a range of products with its innovations, offering equipment for all skiers and snowboarders. 

It offers racing skis, but also free style skis, all mountain ski, very versatile while remaining efficient on all kinds of snow. 

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