Data protection policy

1. Who are we?

SPORT 2000 FRANCE is a simplified joint stock company with 500 000 euros capital and its registered office located in Route d’Ollainville 91520 EGLY, EVRY Commercial Register N° 421 925 918, Intracommunity VAT N° FR 31 421925918, SIRET N° 42192591800011, Tel.: +33, Fax: +33, email address: (hereinafter referred to as “the Company” or “we”). For more info on our company, click here.

It operates this Internet site accessible by the general public on the URL address (hereinafter referred to as the “site”). The aim of the site is to provide Internet users (that is to say any individual or entity that visits or uses the site, hereinafter referred to as the “users” or “you”), with information about the activity and services offered by the company, together with its latest news (special events, publications, etc.).Sport 2000 is a grouping of independent retailers operating under the Sport 2000 brand name, organised as a cooperative. The company specialises in the distribution of sports articles. In this respect, it offers a ski equipment rental service.

In addition, the site proposes functions to allow users to rent ski equipment from an independent retailer member operating under the Sport 2000 brand name, contact the company (contact request, job application, etc.) or register for the newsletter (good deals).
The company also provides services via the site and offers users the possibility of creating a member space and sponsoring another person, subject to certain conditions.

When browsing on the site or in interaction with the company, the latter may need to collect and process personal data concerning you, in its role as the entity responsible for processing.

As our company wishes to respect your private life, it lends great importance to the protection of your personal data. Thus, the aim of this policy is to inform you with full transparency of the conditions and characteristics of the processing by our company of the data it receives by means of or by the intermediary of the site, in whole or in part.

2. What is the purpose of this policy?

The purpose of this policy is to inform users about the conditions for the collection, processing and use of their personal data, as well as their rights in this respect, in light of the related applicable provisions.

3. When are we likely to process your data?

Your personal data is collected or processed, in whole or in part, when you browse on the site and enter details in the data collection forms on the site and, more generally, in the context of your relationship and subsequent exchanges of correspondence with the company.

Generally speaking, your data is therefore collected directly from you in the above-mentioned cases.

Apart from this information, please be informed that the data that we collect and process concerning you may be enriched by our company, for commercial, prospecting, advertising or marketing purposes in particular, by means of other sources of information (social networks, so-called “public” information, file rental, etc.).

Moreover, as far as the information processed in the context of the recruitment of members is concerned, we use the information you give us (e.g. related form on the site) which we integrate into our applicants file. However, we may also be likely to contact third parties to obtain information concerning you in order to study your application or profile.

4. What categories of data do we collect?

Several categories of personal data concerning you may be collected, the following data in particular:

  • identification data: this notably includes data such as your civil status, first and last names, contact details (email address, phone number, postal address, etc.);
  • your site traffic and browsing history, including information relating to the traceability of your action on and interaction with the site, as well as location data (IP address location, for example), data relative to your terminal or data tracking your action with respect to emails that we may send you (openings, clicks, etc.);
  • data relative to the monitoring of your relationship with the company: contact request, information or documentation, correspondence exchanged, data relative to transactions made and payment methods, economic and financial information, data relative to your family, personal or professional status, services subscribed to / products ordered and details, order records, data relative to the payment of invoices, data required for the purpose of loyalty development, prospecting, studies, surveys, product tests and promotions, etc.
  • your information and documents sent in the context of applications to open a store, together with any information we may gather for this purpose in the context of selection operations (school and university attended, training and diplomas, professional experience and career, information relating to professional life in general, economic or financial information and information relating to your personal life, as applicable, etc.).

We do not collect any sensitive data about you. “Sensitive data” refers to data that includes political opinions, your religious or philosophical beliefs, details about your race or ethnicity, trade union membership, information about your health, or about your sexual orientation. If such information is provided to us, it will be immediately deleted.

5. Is the collection of this data compulsory?

On the site, on every form where data is collected you are informed which answers are compulsory and, more generally, of the information collected, by the presence of an asterisk alongside the field(s) concerned.  If there is no asterisk, the information requested is optional.

If compulsory information is not entered, it may not be possible to process the request linked to the collection of this data (an online order, information request or application, for example) or processing may be delayed.

6. For what purposes is your data collected?

According to the case, the company processes your data collected on the site for all or some of the following main purposes:

  • the management, processing and monitoring of your requests and exchanges of correspondence with the resources of the site or initiated by it (request for contact, information or documentation, application, etc.) and company relations with its contacts (customers, prospects, etc.), in general;
  • the management of your relations with the company concerning contracts, orders, invoices, payments and transactions (this includes the management of unpaid items and disputes and the related accounting), as well as the provision of a reserved space;
  • the execution of prospecting, contact and communication operations (emails, including newsletters and ordinary letters, telemarketing, targeting, segmentation and personalisation of exchanges, transmission of job vacancies);
  • conducting customer loyalty operations; managing, and running contests; conducting commercial operations; carrying out sales & marketing operations (in the broad sense of the term) by the company
  • creating customer files, managing customer accounts, providing service after sales, handling any claims
  • the monitoring and processing of applications and operations prior to the opening of a store, including the assessment and selection of applications and professional profiles, by setting up an applicants file, in particular;
  • access to and the benefit of the functions proposed on the site;
  • comprehension and study of use of the site by site users and the browsing behaviour of the latter with a view to improving our online communication;
  • the improvement and optimisation of the quality of the site and its functions;
  • the execution and preparation of studies, analyses, reporting and statistics;
  • the management and processing of site user requests and, more generally, company contacts, aimed at exercising their personal data protection rights;
  • compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, notably arising from the company’s activity.

The basis of the processing of personal data may vary, depending on the purposes sought. In general, this processing is necessary:

  • for the management, processing and monitoring of your requests to the company (notably answers to information requests, processing of orders and transactions, study of applications, etc.), these operations may, in some cases, be qualified as operations necessary for the execution of a contract to which you are a party (in the context of an online order, for example) or pre-contractual measures taken at your request (in the context of an application to open a store, for example);
  • in order to pursue the legitimate interests of the company in the context of the management and monitoring of its relations with site users, commercial relations in particular, and, more generally, with its contacts, and the organisation of its marketing, prospecting and advertising operations;
  • to comply with the legal and regulatory obligations by which the company is bound.

7. Who are the recipients of your data?

Your personal data is intended for the company’s departments and authorised personnel, as well as entities of the grouping to which it belongs.
For some of the purposes indicated, and only if communication proves necessary, it may be transmitted to contractual and commercial service providers and partners who may be involved in the processing of the above-mentioned personal data.
Moreover, your data may be transmitted to any authorities legally entitled to be aware of it, in the case of an order from the court, the police or administrative authorities, in particular.
It is specified that the above recipients are not necessarily the recipients of all your data but only that necessary for the purpose involved in communication.

8. How long is your data retained?

Unless otherwise specified:

  • your personal data, collected and processed by the company, is retained for a period of three years from the time of your last contact with the company (online request, email or ordinary letter, phone call, registration for the newsletter, click on an email sent to you by the company, participation in an event, etc.) or the end of your contractual or commercial relations with the latter;
  • payment card data is only kept for the time required to complete the transaction;
  • information relative to applications is kept for a maximum of two years;
  • logon, browsing and traffic data is kept for a maximum of one year.

It is specified that all this data may, however, be kept longer than the above periods:

  • if your approval has been obtained;
  • or, in the form of archives, to comply with any legal and regulatory obligations that may be imposed on the company or during legal prescription or opposition periods (cf. payments).

The above retention periods have been defined so as to enable us to process your requests (information, order, contact, etc.) and/or successfully carry out our commercial, advertising, marketing and recruitment operations, at the same time respecting the principle of proportionality whereby personal data must not be retained longer than is needed for the purpose for which it has been collected.

For prospects (i.e. potential customers, with whom we do not yet have contractual relations, but whom we are targeting), the maximum retention period for personal data is three years.

Finally, the information gathered from job applications via our web site are retained for a maximum period of two years.

9. What are your rights?

Pursuant to the above-mentioned legal and regulatory provisions, you are entitled to query and access your data.

You also have the right to rectify, erase and limit the processing of your data to a certain extent, as well as the right of portability of your data.

Furthermore, you have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and the use of your data for prospecting purposes, for commercial reasons in particular.

You are also entitled to define general and/or particular directives relative to the outcome of your personal data and the manner in which your rights are exercised after your death. In this respect, if we are informed of your death, your data will be deleted, unless retention is required for a specific period for reasons relating to our legal and regulatory obligations and/or legal prescription periods and after, as applicable, it has been communicated to a third party possibly designated by you.

Any requests relating to the exercise of these rights, together with any information requests concerning the protection of personal data, should be submitted to the company on or to the following postal address: Société Sport 2000 France, Route d’Ollainville, 91520 Egly, France

For confidentiality reasons and to protect your personal data, the company must be assured of your identity before satisfying a request of this nature. Therefore, any request regarding the exercise of these rights must include a signed copy of an identity document.
Some online forms on our site offer users the possibility of entering their phone number. Users who do not wish to be prospected by phone, for commercial reasons in particular, are informed that they are entitled to register free of charge of the national list opposing phone canvassing via the Internet site accessed on the URL

Finally, you should be aware that, in any event, you have the possibility of making a complaint to the national authority responsible for the protection of personal data (in France this is the CNIL - the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) if you consider that your data is not being processed in line with applicable provisions.

10. Cookies, tracers or similar types of technology

Cookies, tracers and similar types of technology (hereinafter referred to as “cookies) may be installed on and/or read in your browser when you visit the site. For more info, click here.

11. Advertising sent via email, text messages or direct mail:

Electronic marketing

In accordance with Article L34-5 of the French Postal and Electronic Communications code, we expressly obtain the consent of our prospects before sending them any promotional messages via electronic channels (email or text messages).

  • With regard to email, we send an initial electronic message asking you to opt in or opt out of promotional messages. You may, of course, revoke this consent, free of charge, at any time by simply clicking the unsubscribe button in each email.
  • With regard to text messages, we send an initial SMS asking you to opt in or opt out of promotional messages. Here also, you may ask at any time to be removed from our mailing lists, by emailing the data processing manager at:, by writing to: Société Sport 2000 France, Route d’Ollainville, 91520 Egly, France; via the French ‘Do Not Call’ Registry web page: ; or by texting ‘STOP’, as explained in the SMS.

Nonetheless, according to the same article, when we offer you products or services comparable to those already provided, we are not required to obtain your prior, express consent, as long as you are already a Sport 200 customer. In this case, you may still revoke your consent via electronic message (email or SMS), or by the other means listed above (unsubscribing, ‘Do Not Call’ Registry, texting ‘STOP’ or contacting our Data processing manager).

Direct mail

With regard to direct mail, we are authorized to post promotional mail directly to you home address, regardless of whether you are a customer or a prospect. However, you may oppose receiving such mail, free of charge, at any time, by emailing our Data processing manager at:, or by writing to: Société Sport 2000 France, Route d’Ollainville, 91520 Egly, France You may also refuse all direct mail advertising, by registering with Liste Robinson Stop Publicité, at the following address: Union française du marketing direct, Service Liste Robinson Stop Publicité, 60 rue de la Boétie, 75008 Paris France.

12. Children’s privacy protection

The company does not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 15, as the site is not intended for such children. Moreover, in accordance with Article 8 of European regulation 2016/679 with regard to the processing of personal data, “the processing of the personal data of a child shall be lawful where the child is at least 16 years old”, with the latter’s consent. Thus, in the event of recruitment of a minor who is at least 16 years old, the processing of the latter's personal data by the company does not require that “consent is given or authorised by the holder of parental responsibility over the child”.

13. What measures are taken to ensure your data is secure?

In an endeavour to guarantee the security of your data, the company takes all relevant, appropriate precautions and measures, whether physical, logical, technical, functional, administrative or organisational, in relation to the level of knowledge, costs involved and the nature, scope, context and purposes of processing, as well as the risks - the extent of likelihood and severity of which varies - for the rights and liberty of private individuals, to preserve the security and confidentiality of data and guarantee a level of security commensurate with the risk and, in particular, to prevent it being distorted, damaged or being accessed by unauthorised third parties.

Due to the difficulties inherent in conducting an activity on the Internet and the risks that you are aware of, resulting from the electronic transmission of data, the company cannot, however, be held to achieve a performance obligation.
Should difficulties arise, the company will make every effort to contain the risks and take all appropriate measures, as per its legal and regulatory obligations (corrective action, information to the national authority in charge of personal data protection and, if applicable, to the people concerned, etc.).

Should all or part of the processing of personal data be outsourced, the company contractually requires security guarantees from its subcontractors as well as confidentiality guarantees if they are likely to have access to the personal data (appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect this data).

14. What happens to your data on third-party Internet sites?

Links present on the site may direct you to third party sites, outside of the company’s site.

In this respect, you attention is drawn to the fact that the personal data protection policies of these sites may differ from the company’s policy.

In all cases, it is therefore advisable to read the personal data protection policy of each of the sites concerned.

In any event, the company cannot be held liable if data processed via one of these sites were to contravene applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

15. What should you do to be informed of updates to this policy?

The personal data protection policy is liable to be modified or adjusted at any time.

In the event of modification or adjustment, the new policy will be onlined on the site in the dedicated section. Moreover, all personal data collection forms on our site contain a link to this policy.

Please consult it regularly.

Latest modification: 31/03/2021

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