The Alps as a playground

Established in Haute-Savoie when it was created, the SALOMON corporation is now fully European since it has joined the Finnish company AMER SPORT.

A passion for outdoor activities

At first global leader in conception and manufacturing of bindings and ski edges, then of ski boots, Salomon now offers a wide range of products. It is from now on a major brand for all outdoor sports, such as trailing and hiking.

Innovations for a better sliding

  • Salomon is famous for constantly searching for evolution and improvements. As far as winter sports are concerned, the brand distinguished itself many times in the past: It offered to Nordic skiing lovers, when there was a boom in skating, a very efficient set of skis, bindings and shoes. 
  • It started the fashion of mini skis, with its famous snowblade
  • The famous « pocket rocket » was welcomed with a huge enthusiasm by all free riders, thanks to its great lift, especially in snow powder. 

For the 2017/2018 season, Sport 2000 experts have taken on

The ski for men X-MAX X8 (black skis range), that you will like for its fluidity and its steadiness, provides a nice precision in curves. 


The all mountain ski for women ASTRA (diamond skis range) is very fun and sporty, to get better quickly, on all kinds of snow.  


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