Black Skis

Skis noirs homme

Skis noirs femme

« Advanced » level

Technical and efficient skis, for skiers looking for as much sensations as possible.

Highly recommended for great skiers and for intermediate level skiers, who want to improve their technique, black skis will appeal to you thanks to their flexibility.

You will like their accurate manageability in tight bends as well as in wide curves.

According to your tastes and the snow quality, you will be able to choose between:

  • quite narrow skis, dedicated only to groomed slopes


  • all mountain” skis, a little wider, very pleasant and efficient on the slopes but also allowing you to ski in virgin and shallow snow on the edges of the slope

Get the multi-ride” option

To even more pleasure, change your equipment for another one during the week! Take advantage of your stay to try snowboarding for instance. With “multi-ride”, you are free and you can experiment all fun activities.

Ski with peace of mind!

Make the most of your ski holidays in complete peace of mind. When booking, choose the multiple-risk ski insurance. You will be compensated in case of theft or damage of your equipment. You will also benefit from a compensation if you cancel or stop your stay.

Craving for even more sensations?

Discover our top of the range collections with diamond skis and infinity skis.

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