The know-how of a one-hundred-year-old company

When Abel Rossignol, carpenter and ski lover, made his first pair of skis (in solid wood!), in 1907, he could not probably imagine what happened next. More than 100 years later, the Rossignol brand is still a quality and innovation guarantee.  

A French ski brand

The headquarters, as well as the creators and testers team from Rossignol are established in the French Alps. The mountain is their everyday life and their passion. 

The brand also owns a factory in Spain. 

Rossignol’s DNA: the love for mountain

Genuine mountain firm, Rossignol has kept its values over its impressive development. Enthusiasm, boldness, but also sharing and authenticity. A real life philosophy, used at the service of sliding lovers. A passion which is reflected in the quality and the diversity of equipment coming from their R&D laboratories.

A wide range of products

Rossignol has managed to develop a wide range of products, meeting all the practices and all the levels. Boots, bindings and poles for Alpine skis, Nordic skis and snowboards.

For everyone

Rossignol innovates for all kinds of skiers. Whether you are a beginner or a real expert, whatever your age, they offer your products designed with the leading-edge technology and the know-how of a one-hundred-year-old company. 

For the champions

Since Emile Allais, Henri Oreiller, Adrien Duvillard and Jean Vuarnet, champions equipped with Rossignol skis have succeeded each other, generation after generation. The brand still wins every year a lot of medals in international tournaments, with for instance Alberto Tomba, Bode Miller, Ted Ligetty, Vincent Vitto, Doriane Vidal, Mathieu Crepel and Candide Thovex.

For the 2018/2019 season, Sport 2000 has taken on

The alpine ski for men HERO ELITE MT CA (diamant skis range). Based on Race DNA, this All-turn ski will allow to bring you more power and speed, designed for advanced skiers.


The Alpine woman all-mountain ski EXPERIENCE 80 CI X (black skis range). Designed for advanced skiers, the Experience 80 offers high all-mountain performance across all terrain and snow conditions.


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