Can I try different equipment during my stay?

You can try out different equipment if you select our Multiride option, which is available for a stay of 7 days or longer.

For only 15€ per skier, you can change from skis to a snowboard, for example, or even to different skis from an equal or lower category.

Please note that you are only permitted to change your equipment twice during your stay.

Below is a table showing the type of changes available, according to the original equipment rented:

Multiride option I've  booked...
I want to change for ... Red Skis Black Skis Mini Skis Free Style Skis Diamond Skis Free Ride Skis Free Rando Skis Infinity Skis Junior Red Skis Red Snowboard Black Snowboard Junior Red Snowboard
Blue Skis x x x x x x x x   x x  
Red Skis   x x x x x x x   x x  
Black Skis       x x x x x     x  
Mini Skis x x   x x x x x   x x  
Free Style Skis   x     x x x x        
Diamond Skis           x x x        
Free Ride Skis         x   x x        
Free Rando Skis         x x   x        
Junior Blue Skis                 x     x
Junior Red Skis                       x
Red Snowboard   x x x x x x x        
Black Snowboard   x   x x x x x     x  
Junior Red Snowboard                 x      


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