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The perfect ski to ride in the virgin and deep snow fields.

Wider than the “usual” skis, these freeride skis are particularly suitable for backcountry skiing, but they remain pleasant on all kinds of snow. Their main feature is their larger rockers (parts of the skis which are elevated higher than the snow), allowing to turn easily and making the skis easier to handle. With these skis, no need to have a very high technical level anymore to ski well in powder snow. 

The latest technological innovations allow them to remain light. It’s an important detail if you need to walk for a while, skis on your back, to reach the nice slopes with virgin snow.

Get the multi-ride” option

To even more pleasure, change your equipment for another one during the week! Take advantage of your stay to try snowboarding for instance. With “multi-ride”, you are free and you can experiment all fun activities.

Ski with peace of mind!

Make the most of your ski holidays in complete peace of mind. When booking, choose the multiple-risk ski insurance. You will be compensated in case of theft or damage of your equipment. You will also benefit from a compensation if you cancel or stop your stay.

Stay safe!

In order to practice free riding safely while taking a great pleasure, equip yourself with a least an AVD, a shovel and a probe. They are vital as soon as you leave groomed slopes. Thus, you will make the most of the snow, safely.

Climbing as well as going down

To see where the wind takes you and get away from slopes, discover free touring skis.

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