What should I wear ?

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Snow, sun, variable temperatures, wind… It's hard to say what you should wear, as the weather varies so much.  Just make sure you’re wearing the right outerwear, plus boots, gloves and sunglasses when you go skiing.

Ski boots

Ski boots have to be comfortable if you are to ski properly, which is why Sport 2000 offers different kinds of boots depending on your ski selection and level of ski.Ski boots

Ski outerwear

Sport 2000 recommends wearing several layers.

The purpose of the first layer is to wick away sweat, so you do not feel a chill when it evaporates.

The second layer’s job is to keep you warm, especially in low temperatures (e.g. fleece, long-sleeved t-shirt, etc.).

The third layer prevents you from getting wet when you fall over or face bad weather conditions.

Don't forget to cover your head, feet and hands (hat, thick socks, and waterproof gloves)!


Combinaison de ski

Sunglasses and ski masks

The sun’s rays can be very dangerous, especially in the mountains, as the UV index and snow reflection significantly increases with altitude. So make sure you protect your eyes (including from the sides) with a ski mask or sunglasses from category 3 or higher.

Sunglasses and ski masks

You can purchase all of these products in Sport 2000 ski shops.

Ski rental

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