Hire your skis with complete peace of mind

With Sport 2000, go skiing stress-free. 

ski rental

We know you’re eager to get your skis on this winter so we make every effort to ensure your ski hire and holiday are as enjoyable and problem-free as possible. 

You'll get 100%* of your booking refunded if you’re unable to ski due to the current health situation.   

You have up to 48 hours before your first day of skiing to cancel for the following reasons**: 

  • You or a member of your group is required to self-isolate***
  • You are in an area subject to a travel restriction (travel ban or quarantine)****
  • The resort you’re going to is subject to a travel restriction during your intended stay.
  • Your flight or train has been cancelled due to Covid-19****
  • Your accommodation can’t take you due to Covid-19****
  • The resort you’re going to has closed its ski lifts for an indefinite period due to Covid-19

Our Sport 2000 shops will be open throughout the winter in accordance with applicable health standards. Our teams are working hard to protect you and prevent the spread of Covid-19. We ask our customers to observe social distancing in our Sport 2000 shops.  

*In the event of cancellation, Sport 2000 will refund the full amount of the payment made online (including the fee of €3.90).
**Sport 2000 will make every effort to adapt to new restrictions given any changes in the situation. 
 ***To cancel on this basis, you must provide an applicable medical certificate covering all or part of the period concerned. 
 ****On presentation of a supporting document. 


Publishing manager : CONTAT Didier et Corinne