Enjoy the best skis for a small price in Alphand Sports!

off-piste skiing

Thanks to Sport 2000, you can save money on your ski rental throughout the year with online booking. But you can also get extra discounts thanks to our special offer if you rent your equipment between 30th November and 2nd December 2018.

Indeed, during these 3 days and by using the promotional code UPSKI19*, you will be able to test skis of a superior range, without spending more money. Thus, black skis are available at the price of red skis and Diamond skis will cost you the usual price of black skis. In other words, for a 6 days rental, you will save 13,30€ on blacks skis and 11,20€ on top-of-the-range skis. And if you want to indulge in pleasures of other activities than Alpine skiing, some discounts are also waiting for you since Freeride skis will cost the same price as black skis and you will be able to rent Freestyle skis for the price of red skis.  
Morevover, you can combine this offer with the loyalty discount granted to the owners of Sport 2000 loyalty card. So if you don’t own it yet, it’s time to ask for it, to benefit from even more low prices throughout the year in Serre Chevalier, without any compromise on the quality of your equipment.

So there is nothing preventing you anymore from choosing skis performing better and enjoying an equipment that will provide you the best sensations! Indeed, you will get more technical skis by opting for black or diamond skis, but also “Performance” boots allowing a better supports transmission for even more precision and comfort while skiing!


*All terms and conditions on Sport 2000 website

Publishing manager : MURZEAU Dominique