Boot fitting at Sport 2000 Armand Berard Sports BELLE PLAGNE

The SPORT 2000 BELLE PLAGNE boot fitting team works with Super Feet and Art Feet, international specialists in made-to-measure insoles, socks and injected ski boots.

The BootFitter team has two machines for thermoforming and adapting insoles to your foot and ski boots.

New Boot Fitting at Sport 2000 Belle Plagne

LIQUID FIT IS THE FASTEST AND MOST PRECISE WAY TO CUSTOMISE YOUR SKI BOOTS. IT'S 100% FLEXIBLE, 100% COMFORTABLE AND OFFERS 100% PERFORMANCE. The Boot fitter team at Sport 2000 Belle Plagne offers you this process on your Head LYD boots.

However, our team works in collaboration with the SIDAS CUSTOM brand, so we can make injection-moulded booties for any other shoe model.

Why use injected insoles ?

semelle boot fitting

To fight :

  • Foot pain
  • Cold feet
  • Blisters / chafing

Helps :

  • Pressure distribution
  • Arch support
  • Relieves the foot and body

Insoles are the basis of Boot Fitting, and the entire Sport 2000 Belle Plagne team is on hand to advise you on the Super Feet and Art Feet techniques.


Publishing manager : BERARD Patricia & Jérémy