Snowboard terms

All-mountain snowboard

A snowboard used for off-piste.

Boarder cross

A snowboarding race comprising turns, obstacles and jumps. Snowboarders compete in heats of 4-6 riders, all starting simultaneously.


Flex is used to talk about every part of a snowboard's flexion. The flex determines the character of the snowboard, its dynamism and tension.


A relatively new style of skiing in which skiers use super-sidecut skis to make extreme, carved turns at high speeds, but without gates or moguls. The skier leans into the turn and bends the legs. Poles are optional.


A snowboarder that rides with his/her right foot in front.


A snowboarder who rides with his/her left foot in front.


Resistance to twisting. A ski's torsional rigidity comes from its construction and core materials. A more rigid ski performs well on hard snow, whereas a less rigid ski will be easier to use on soft snow.

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