At the heart of the Pyrenees and Aure Valley, Saint Lary is a synthesis of life in the mountains and the Pyrenean scenery; it is a happy alliance between water, sun and the warmth of its people.

Saint Lary overlooks the Gascony hillsides and has easy access to the A64 motorway (Toulouse-Bayonne). The valley is connected to Spain by the Aragnouet-Bielsa tunnel which is 20 km from Saint-Lary Soulan.

The Pyrenean ski resort of Saint-Lary Soulan is a unique and magical place in and is composed of three smaller villages:

  • Saint-Lary village (830m) you will find the atmosphere of a real and authentic Pyrenean village.
  • Saint-Lary-1700 (Pla d'Adet) and Saint-Lary 1900 (Espiaube) have panoramic views over the Pyrenees, in winter they are the ideal place for ski enthusiasts. It's worth a note that with the new gondola from Saint Lary Village to Saint Lary 1700, the ski slopes are accessible in just 8 minutes.

With 100 km of marked ski runs in 3 different areas, Saint Lary has unlimited skiing and a simply amazing natural landscape:

  • SAINT-LARY 1700 "Pla d'Adet": a ski area dedicated to family skiing with a snow garden, tobogganing and a fun "Kids Park" for aspiring skiers ages 6 to 12.
  • SAINT-LARY 1900 "Espiaube": Is an area for experienced skiers and is linked to the other areas 1700 and 2400 by either the ski slopes or by road (shuttle bus).
  • SAINT-LARY 2400: a must for lovers of the “nu-skool” ski phenomenon, whether it be the moguls stadium, the slalom, or in the snowpark with its mega sound system. Note that most of the slopes below 1900 m are now equipped with artificial snow (Cabane, Bouleaux, Corniche) along with the popular ski and snowboard runs (Terranère, Isard, bas de Corneblanque).

Saint Lary is also a popular destination for relaxation lovers and well-being. A few steps from the village in the heart of a beautiful landscaped park, the Saint-Lary thermal baths combine technicality and comfort. The spa is now exclusively dedicated to the treatments rheumatology, ENT and respiratory systems.

What a pleasure to find yourself there after a day of skiing. Be truly pampered at Sensoria where you can find all the necessary activities; gym, beauty, massage, thermo. Lovers of good food will also be content in Saint-Lary: Here they really know how to create a great atmosphere around a restaurant table or whilst enjoying a drink with friends.

Saint-Lary ski resort is certified ‘Family Plus' by the French authorities and is committed to providing for the whole family. Throughout the season at the bottom of the slopes in Saint Lary-1700 (Pla d'Adet) the Maison du Petit Montagnard, the nursery and the Airel Day-care offer flexible child care solutions, mixing a range of activities (toy library, reading, crafts), with ski school and outdoor discovery.

The nearby Kids Park (a recreational and educational ski area) is reserved for children from 6 to 12 years old. Budding skiers will find a specially built course with obstacles, mini bumps or "woops" and fun areas which are completed by the playful animal characters dotted about. There is also a magic carpet for going back up and full time supervision.

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  • Sport 2000 Loc Aventure

    Sport 2000 Loc Aventure, SAINT LARY
    Rue de Soulan - 100m du Téléphérique et 50m de l'Ecole du ski Français
    65170 SAINT LARY
    Spoken languages Français English Español
    Possibility to collect your equipment from 17:00, on the day before your 1st skiing day.
    Working days
    Saturday 08:30 - 13:00, 15:00 - 19:30
    Sunday 08:30 - 13:00, 15:00 - 19:30
    Monday 08:30 - 13:00, 15:00 - 19:30
    Tuesday 08:30 - 13:00, 15:00 - 19:30
    Wednesday 08:30 - 13:00, 15:00 - 19:30
    Thursday 08:30 - 13:00, 15:00 - 19:30
    Friday 08:30 - 13:00, 15:00 - 19:30
  • Sport 2000 France Ski

    Sport 2000 France Ski, SAINT LARY
    Résidence Auria - Quartier du Pla d'Adet - Pied de piste
    65170 SAINT LARY
    Spoken languages Français English Español
    Possibility to collect your equipment from 17:00, on the day before your 1st skiing day.
    Working days
    Saturday 08:30 - 18:30
    Sunday 08:30 - 18:30
    Monday 08:30 - 18:30
    Tuesday 08:30 - 18:30
    Wednesday 08:30 - 18:30
    Thursday 08:30 - 18:30
    Friday 08:30 - 18:30