On the south-western limit of the Alps, the mountain town of Dévoluy, with its amazing 300 km² ski area and a similarly huge diversity of landscapes makes it a must visit!

At 1000 metres in altitude offering close to 100 km of marked ski runs, SuperDévoluy / Pra Loup is one of the largest ski areas in the Southern Alps. From the bottom of the Pic Ponson to the top of the Sommarel lift, the la Combe de la Truie or the Bonnet Rouge, the vast expanse of "free-ride" areas in Dévoluy is simply magnificent.

From the top of the resort the panoramic view is breathtaking: the valley, Grand Ferrand (2759 m), The Obiou (2790 m), The Farraud Crests (Tête de Claudel 2563 m) and onwards to the Ecrins. The snow park “The Mushroom Park” (one whole hectare of bumps and banked turns by the Festoure Chairlift) is also well built and very popular. It is the rendezvous for all the nu-skool freestylers. The friendly area with its “cool zone” is the place to chill out for all of the younger generation skiers and snowboarders.

If you are a cross-country skiing enthusiast you can head over the specially constructed Nordic ski track on the Collet du Tât (1613m): 35 km of cross country ski tracks, surrounded by a wide variety of landscapes of meadows, forests and mountainous plateaus crossing from west to east.

It's worth jotting down that Dévoluy is without a doubt one of the best spots in the Southern Alps for ski touring. Surrounded by beautiful valleys which run in parallel next to one another, intertwined by a succession of peaks, plateaus and flats, the area lends itself perfectly to ski adventure.

The snow gardens welcome children from 3 to 5 years old. Ski lifts, tow lifts, inflatable toys plus much more await the little ones. Supervised by instructors from the French Ski School (ESF), children can have fun whilst experiencing skiing for the first time. At the child care Dévoluy, children from 15 months (from 12 months Super Dévoluy except holidays) to 6 years old are welcome. They can enjoy indoor activities, games and if there is good weather, outdoor activities as well.

After a good day on the slopes visitors can choose between a range of activities and occupations some examples: gourmet meals, relaxing in the hammam or snowmobile riding at dusk. To visit Dévoluy is to taste what real mountain holidays are all about, be pampered, relax and enjoy sometime amongst family and friends.

Each of the villages; Dévoluy, SuperDévoluy and Pra Loup all have different characters but all offer a wide range of accommodation solutions to satisfy everyone.



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  • Sport 2000 Altiski (Aurouze)

    Sport 2000 Altiski (Aurouze), SUPER DEVOLUY
    Batiment du Bois d'Aurouze
    Spoken languages Français English
    Possibility to collect your equipment from 17:30, on the day before your 1st skiing day.
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  • Sport 2000 Altiski (Issarts)

    Sport 2000 Altiski (Issarts), SUPER DEVOLUY
    Rond point des Issarts
    Spoken languages Français English Español
    Possibility to collect your equipment from 17:30, on the day before your 1st skiing day.
    Working days
    Saturday 09:00 - 19:00
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