Snow Shop in Isola 2000: the place to go if you like snowboarding

man descending a slope on a snowboard

Snowboarding experts or those who are starting out this winter sport: come and meet us in Snow Shop to hire your gear! On our rental website or in the store, you can find several designs of boards, meeting all kinds of needs:

  • The snowboards from the red category are aimed at novice and intermediate female and male skiers. This range gathers boards made by the best brands, with torelance and flexibillity as main features.
  • The snowboards from the black range are directed to good snowboarders. Once you will be in our shop, you will be able to choose among several kinds of boards, rather for the groomed slopes, the snow-powder or even for Freestyle snowboarding.
  • The boards for the kids who are less than 1,60 metre (5,25 ft.) Their are designed to make the learning process easier, while allowing good young snowboarders to have fun. We advise you to rent this equipment with a ski helmet, in order that your child is safe!

With all those equipments selected among the reference brands in the skiing field (Head, Rossignol, etc.), you will have the opportunity to descend the ski slopes of Isola, make some jumps and figures on Tony's Snowland or try off-piste snowboarding.
The beginners and the young children can turn to ski schools of the resort to take private or group lessons, in order to learn how to stop, take bends, etc., and have fun, of course.




Publishing manager : BELPOIS Christian